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And you have the time, so take the time to write me. If you want, I'll finish this Loxal for you. Reblogged from Llcal Empire of Dirt Posted by Gaylord Campbell One of my Local slut in librazhd things to do in my down time haha, yeah like I actually have extra time is to shop online. It is hard to find that perfect item for everyone on your list. One place that I know I can always find something is zapos. I know that I can always find something for myself on that site and most of the time I know what size to order. Luckily they have a great shipping and return program just in case I choose the wrong size. For gift items they are also great from a returns aspect. This tugs at my heartstrings.

So true, so true. Reblogged from Cat Vs Human Truth. Reblogged from This is a pacifist protest.

But, life had other plans. Locally, it is not uncommon to find those with four and six-year degrees applying for entry-level jobs. So, back to school I go. However, there were things to consider and plans to be made. At the top of the list was money.