Spanked And Fucked


Preston Parker can’t believe that Bea Wolf is still in sofa instead of getting ready for class. When she insists that she’s not going, Preston leans her over his knee and spanks her g-string-clad bootie. Then he attempts to get Bea clad, an endeavor that works only temporarily as Bea takes him up on his suggest to fuck instead of going to school. Briefly Preston is finger fucking Bea while shaping and grabbing her stiff bottom.A few more spanks and Bea agrees to do anything that Preston says. She arches over the couch and lets him roll up her micro-skirt so that he can shove his manstick deep into her taut twat while spanking her hard. Bringing her up onto her feet, Preston keeps pounding away at that scrumptious cock-squeezing fuck slot. When he turns Bea over onto her back to spread her gams and let him go hard and rapid at her needy snatch, she gasps her orgasmic release!After a brief oral job where Bea proves that she can take an oral penalty by deep throating every inch that Preston can thrust into her mouth, Bea climbs on top of her beau and does her share of the work. Her stiffie rail is just what she needs to get off again, and moments afterward Preston goes after her over. He pulls out at only the last moment, covering Bea’s bosoms and belly with an explosion of jizm.

Date: May 30, 2017